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Discofunk started as a gathering in a tiny Kentish Town basement for a bunch of best mates in summer 2012, and over the last few years has gone on to become a fully fledged posse of like minded DJs, muso's and party people centred around quality music and disco culture.

From guest mixes to festival stage takeovers, Discofunk is a platform that celebrates all walks of the genre from old school glam to the more modern, deeper sound. The Discofunk Allstars are also known for a strong identity that incorporates jazz, soul and world infused house music - bringing their renowned positive energy to Gottwood, Labyrinth SGP, Lost Festival, Snowbombing, Craft Beer Rising Festival, Kala Festival, Pikes Hotel Ibiza + a number of London bars and clubs over the last few of years.

Although big name headliners have never been part of the agenda for the brand - They’ve been honoured to have special and secret guests that include the likes of James Priestley (secretsundaze), Kay Suzuki (Afrobuddah/Round in Motion), Itchy Rich (Road to Nowhere) and Jamie Jones (hot creations/paradise).

Discofunk is more than the music - it’s a message. While the mixes online display their sound, the energy can only really be felt during live sets. This was especially the case in 2016 when head honchos Funkwise (Discofunk) & Cordz (The London Disco Society) played B2B for 15 hours in the woods at Bestival. The message is one of perpetuating only positive energy, pursuing music as a passion over money, and encouraging people to ‘do what they love, and love what they do!’ It is due to this very energy that 2016 in particular was such a profound year for everyone involved. Since then Discofunk has bene going from Strength to strength, honing in on it’s vibe, ethos and DJs.

The Discofunk Allstars are a steadily growing gang, hear more at the links below:



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